Slutty Sister

Kelly is two years younger than me. Yeah she is my sister but even I can't help to notice her awesome body. She has a perfect hourglass figure but her tits could be a little bigger. I always knew my friends only liked to hang out at my house so they could be near Kelly. Kelly is a real horn dog and once in a while one of my friends would get lucky. We would go for walks or ride bikes in the strip minds behind our house. I have watched my friends with envy as Kelly would spread her legs and let them have their way with her.

Last Friday after school my friend Gary came over. Gary, Kelly, and I hiked back into the strip mind. We found our favorite spot a peaceful water hole. We always pretended to fish with some string and a safety pin. Kelly sat next to Gary on a large rock.

I laid back on a rock and closed my eyes. I must of dosed off for a minute, when I woke Gary was moaning softly. I opened my eyes just a little to see what was happening. Kelly had her shirt off. Gary was laying back on the rock with his zipper down. His huge member was held snugly in Kelly's hand, and she was jacking him off.

Then Kelly got on top of Gary and positioned her head above his swollen boner. She slid her lips over the head of his rod and down the sides of it. She made little sucking noises as she worked her way up and down the length of his shaft. Kelly went down on him like a trained professional.

I was harder than ever watching my sister suck my friends cock. He seemed to be enjoying it so much and so was she. I fantasized about what it would be like to be inside of Kelly. I longed for her and thought about how lucky Gary was. My dick was aching for some attention. I did not want to disturb them I slowly pulled down my zipper and retrieved my wang from its tight shelter. I began to beat off as I watched Kelly bob faster on Gary's cock.

Gary put his hand on the back of my sister's head and was pushing her head down on him. Suddenly Gary moaned loudly and spurted his load in Kelly's mouth. Kelly gagged and pulled Gary's cummy cock from her mouth.

Kelly had confided in me that she had swallowed before. Yet she became a little angry because Gary taken her by surprise.

"Most guys give me a little warning," she scalded him. Anyway I wanted you to fuck me.

I was almost ready to cum myself when Gary exploded. I continued to jack off while they argued. Finally, Kelly said look at my brother he has a boner maybe he can please me. I preyed she was not joking. Sometimes she would say anything to humiliate someone who angered her. I knew that all too well.

Kelly came over and sat on the rock beside me. She took my throbbing cock in her hand and squeezed it tightly. She slid her hand up and down my dong with the rhythm of a great musician. She jacked me off for a few minutes as Gary fell asleep on his rock.

Kelly made her way down over my stomach and she expertly wrapped her soft lips around my cock. The feeling was so intense I could barely control my erection.

I wanted my sister to drink my load as she did Gary's just moments earlier. She made little sucking noises as she slid her mouth up and down the length of my shaft. Kelly really loves dick and she has no problem expressing it freely.

My cock twitched as a little pre cum dripped into her mouth. She took her tongue and licked the tip of my rock hard penis. She teased my piss hole with the tip of her tongue. I didn't want to cum yet I wanted to fuck my little sis.

I pulled the back of her hair and caused her to stop. "Kelly, let me eat you," I urged.

Kelly didn't pause for a moment. She stood up and pulled her panties down from under her jean skirt. She flung her panties off her feet. She carefully put one knee on each side of my head and lowered her wet flower to my lips. I stuck out my tongue to greet her sticky, sweaty, snatch.

She smelled and tasted sweet. I licked her slit from top to bottom. I slid my tongue in and out of her dripping hole. Kelly was breathing heavy and rocking her hips back and forth on top of me. I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Then I tongued her hole again.

I decided the time had come. I would fuck my sister like I always wanted to. After all my own father fucked Kelly before why shouldn't I? I knew if I didn't fuck her soon she would cum and then she would be done with me.

I had to get inside of her then, while she was good and horny. I took my lips from her clit and carefully rolled her off of my wet face. "Don't stop now," she barked.

"You wanted to fuck Gary," I said matter of factly. "So fuck me instead."

She laid on her back and her legs began to spread apart. I climbed on top of her, and she willingly wrapped her legs around my waist. I inched my rock hard cock into her tight pleasure hole. She looked up at me with a smile and moaned a little.

The very thought of fucking my sister turned me on so much. It was like I was doing something really naughty, the ultimate taboo sin. She bucked her hips and moaned as I plowed in and out of her creamy, wet snatch. I forced myself deeper and deeper inside with each hard thrust.

Gary had opened his eyes and was watching us. I pumped hard and fast to show Gary how a real man does it, coaxing loud screams of both pain and pleasure from my sister's mouth. Her body was in sync with mine and hips rose to meet my every thrust.

Suddenly she screeched a blood curdling sound and she came. Her legs quivered and shook as her juices melted over the sides of my cock.

"Cum in me," she whispered. A few more strokes and I did just that. I launched several steamy streams of hot cum deep inside of her. I continued pumping until every last drop of cum had been milked out of me, and I collapsed, completely spent.

My sister is a great lay I sure hope there is a part 2 to this brother sister story