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 slutty sister Slutty Sister  I can never turn away from my seductive sister and she uses her sex to manipulate my friends.

     Curious GirlsCurious Girls    Also known as Curious Sisters, sexy teen sisters explore   their sexuality and  each other on a family camping trip.

     Billy Joes MomBilly Joe's Mother   Mom uses her years of experience to teach her teen daughter how to please a man.  The teen catches on quickly in this truly taboo story.

     Liv'in BabysitterThe Living Sitter   A married couple forms a kinky love triangle with their baby sitter.

     Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit   Mom seduces her teen son. This is really naughty a little rough around the edges but a good read..(Submitted by Star Gazer)

     Granny Gets LaidGranny Gets Laid   Old women like cock too and this old broad is here to prove it.  Read the story and check out the video.

     Frat House GangbangFrat House Gangbang   A college freshman looses her innocence to a band of unruly senior boys.


    Sex HappensSex Happens
An older man is overwhelmed by the seductive charms of his teenage babysitter, and is forced to submit to her heavenly allure.

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